Tuesday, August 12, 2008

McCain Lies

I sent an email out to a friend today. I compiled a list of reasons not to vote for McCain, so I thought I'd post it;

You asked I send an email describing the various lies, racism and poor policy decisions by McCain that are obviously bought and paid for by corporate interests, so I'll try. Please bear with me on the length, however, because with John McCain it's hard to describe everything wrong with him concisely; there's just so much of it.

Here are plenty of examples of his dishonesty with the American people;

John McCain says that he's never voted for a pork barrel bill in his 26 years in the senate; an obvious lie that can be proven here: http://www.nytimes.com/2006/02/18/politics/18earmark.html?_r=1&oref=slogin

John McCain's campaign tells the American public that there's no opposition to his actions on behalf of campaign contributor Bud Paxson, and sends out two letters to the FCC about their vote. Both illegal and deceptive.

John McCain lies about Mitt Romney's voting record on Iraq (this is a very slanted, conservative news site, I know, but it's still verifiable by primary sources, like YouTube).

McCain lies about Obama's alleged "media visit" to wounded troops in Germany (a lie that was then repeated by many major conservative news outlets, with no retraction yet printed).

McCain opposed MLK day as a holiday in Arizona, then lies about it.

McCain says that the oil from off-shore drilling will make gas prices drop in a matter of months; an outright lie that he now acknowledges is a falsehood.

McCain says that every time we cut taxes it raises revenue; an outright lie.

McCain lies about Obama's tax plan and who it will raise taxes for.

McCain says "I'm the only one the special interests don't give any money to," after getting 1.2 million from the telecom industry and 91,000 from Big Oil (Exxon, Chevron, but no small oil companies).

McCain lies about an email from Jack Abramoff during the height of the scandal.

McCain says he won't raise Social Security taxes and criticizes Obama for doing so; then he says he'll raise Social Security taxes.

McCain says that he won't bow to special interest groups by opening offshore drilling, then opens offshore drilling.

McCain says he won't criticize Obama while overseas, then criticizes Obama while overseas

McCain says he's not an expert on economic policy and "need[s] to be educated", then claims to be an expert on economic policy.

McCain claims he has "Supported Every Investigation" in Katrina, but actually voted against the investigations.

McCain calls the Swiftboat ads in 2004
"dishonest and dishonorable", then hires Bud Day onto his campaign team.

McCain calls evolution
"one of the strongest and most useful scientific theories we have," then speaks for the discovery institute and opposes evolution.

John McCain lies about his stance on the confederate flag.

McCain calls Jerry Falwell "an agent of intolerance", then cozies up to him in 2007.

McCain lies about his stance on windfall profits tax.

McCain says he was never for privatized social security, but just a year earlier he says he's for it.

McCain claims that he never said Iraq would be easy, but he's on tape saying Iraq would be easy.

And last of all: http://brighthall.aol.com/2008/07/31/john-mccain-lies-says-he-wont-lie/
McCain lies about lying.

On to the racism! So, in 2000, McCain said "I hate the gooks, I will hate them as long as I live." I will grant you that if anyone has a reason to hate based on race, this man has it in spades. The question is, is this kind of racism what we want in a president? Just because it's source is in his torture, it does not mean that it will be any less harmful while he's the president. If this is the man who is going to shape our policy with regards to North Korea, I most certainly do not want him to be racist. If you'd like more information on how racial slurs by the president can hurt the American public, you can look here: http://eyeteeth.blogspot.com/2008/07/why-mccains-gooks-comment-matters.html

In addition to his lies and racism, his policy stances are incongruous, harmful, and often contradict themselves;

McCain says in 2005 that Gitmo detainees should be released, then criticizes SCOTUS on their ruling of precisely that.

McCain supports privatized sanctions against Iran, despite voting 6 times against them for Apartheid South African (and overriding a veto by Reagan).

McCain repeatedly flips his position on balancing the budget…3 times in a year.

McCain flips his position on the estate tax.

McCain flips his position on tax cuts.

McCain changes his position on torture.

McCain changes his position on warrantless wire taps

McCain calls Obama out for wanting sit-downs with Hamas, after wanting sit downs with Hamas himself previously.

McCain changes position on abortion between April 2007 and May 2008.

McCain changes his position on Cuba.

McCain changes his position on Nuclear Waste.

McCain changes his position on Gay Marriage in 11 minutes.

McCain changes stance on immigration.

McCain stops backing campaign finance reform, one of his signature platforms (or at least it was before he started getting big funding from lobbyists).

McCain takes credit for a GI Bill that he voted against.

So yes, a person can "change their stance," but how often and how many times before we come to realize he has no strength of his convictions?

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